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Hrustics' impressive lifter is not enough: Frankfurt loses 4th place

Hrustics’ impressive lifter is not enough: Frankfurt loses 4th place

For a long time, Mainz thought they were on their way to avoiding landing in Frankfurt, also because Eintracht lacked ideas. In the end, SGE saved their home chain, remaining undefeated, but ultimately frustration prevailed.

Proud as Paul: Karim Onisio (R) happy with his 1-0 win.
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Frankfurt coach Adde Hutter made three changes after 1: 3 at Leverkusen: Tota, Rudd and Jovi Ndika (yellow card suspension), Alsänker and Barcock (both on the bench) were replaced. Thus, the GGE ran again with a double lead.

FSV coach Bo Svensson also allowed himself a tactical trick, and also made three changes compared to a 1-1 draw in a catch-up match against Hertha BSC. Hack, Kwaison, and Burchardt played for Bale (yellow card) and Bottius and Szalai (both off the bench). By playing without Sturmtank Szalai, Svenson relied on more speed for his game.

Mainz strategy works early

Soon the Mainz match plan became clear: stand low, tumble hard, block the midfield at lightning speed, then take advantage of your speed in a one-on-one match. So the start fell 1-0: Trapp initially made a cross pass to Onisiwo, but the ball came back to the Austrian via Kohr, who saw the gap from 20 meters and skillfully completed it – Hasebe was too far away (11.).

The five zero strategy worked early on and Eintracht is now more challenging. The Hessian response was angry attacks, tremendous pressure, and some promising deals: Jovi’s shot exceeded (20), Kostek’s failure to accept his direct acceptance of the strong-reaction cent weight (21), then Jovic’s header over it (34), while Saint-Just took the most risk. And Andre Silva slipped in 16th place (37).

FSV is dangerous even without possession of the ball

Annoyed: Philippe Kostek from Frankfurt in a verbal exchange of blows with Jeremiah Saint-Just (right).

Annoyed: Philippe Kostek from Frankfurt in a verbal exchange of blows with Jeremiah Saint-Just (right).
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Even if Eintracht, who replaced Rod in for Herstock after 29 minutes due to hip problems, clashed with front gear, that doesn’t mean the guests didn’t make an attack. The opposite was true: time and time again, Mainz put on pin picks (Onisiwo, 27, Burkardt, 33) despite having only 25 percent of the ball in the first pass (!) And thus made sure Frankfurt was not sure of it. Mainz touches concrete / h2>

After the start of the second half, the game flattened a bit. Mainz focused more on defense, while Eintracht lacked ideas. With the exception of a dangerous midway shot from Kamada (52nd), it was completely quiet outside the gates. Tota had such bad luck, he hit his thigh and had to go out an hour later.

Hrustics Compensation is amazing

Hütter seized the opportunity and changed not only Tuta, but also Sow and Durm: the transformation must be achieved with Chandler, Yunus and Alsanker (64th), but nothing has changed in the course of the game. Eintracht kept battling his teeth against the Mainz wall – and after 76 minutes it would have been almost cold. Because Onisiwo found his master in a singles match at Trapp, SGE retained the glamor of hope – then fell to a draw: Hrustic scored a stunning goal while seated with a lever (85th).

For Mainz 1: 1 means that subsidence is not completely present – even if it can no longer descend directly into the second degree in FSV. A draw wasn’t enough for SGE either, as fourth place was threatening to lose to Borussia Dortmund. As a result, Eintracht pulled the lever and nearly turned the game. But since Zuber’s shot was deflected significantly by Saint-Just (90 + 1) and Andre Silva missed (90 + 2), it stayed that way.

Goals and Cards

0: 1Oniseu (11 ‘, right foot shot, Kohr)

1: 1Scaly (86 ‘, left foot shot, Silva)

Eintracht Frankfurt


1. FSV Mainz 05


Referee team

Dr.  Felix Brish

Dr. Felix Brish

Game information


Deutsche Bank Park

On the penultimate day, Frankfurt will play Schalke 04 on Saturday (3:30 pm), while Mainz will play Borussia Dortmund the next day (6:00 pm).