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How to properly erase your iPhone or iPad

How to properly erase your iPhone or iPad

be from Iphone or wave It is no longer needed, it usually transfers its data when moving to a new device. To do this, you usually back up your data, including all your photos and documents, via iCloud so you can transfer them to the new device that way.

If the old device is to be resold, donated or transferred to employees, it is recommended to delete the data from the old iPhone or iPad and reset the device to factory settings.

Since the user can leave digital traces on the device, it is recommended that the device be inserted into Default settings brings back from iCloud, App Store, iTunes Store and iMessage to unsubscribe.

Reset device and wipe all data

The rest of the process is very easy: you can reset your iPhone or iPad in just a few steps. You can find the important and necessary point under Settings >> General >> Reset Device.

Apple guides you through this process itself. When prompted, you’ll need to enter the code or password for your Apple ID if you haven’t previously signed out.

The data is really gone

After you confirm again with one click that you want to “Delete all data and reset settings”, the data will be deleted. According to Apple, this may take a few minutes. But then they’re gone, forever, like Atingo-Executive Director Marcus Havel in conversation with Delivery to explain. Attingo is a data recovery company. But with this problem, experts cannot help the clients they deal with.

“Apple has come up with something amazing, which is Hardware Encryption. If you reset, a new key will be generated after the reset and the old key will be replaced. So there is no longer any technical way to access the data material,” says Havel. This is security by design,” the expert adds.