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How to find Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Collecting socks is common

Find and unlock new Disney Villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley. With Stitch, which came into play with the Toy Story update, it wasn’t so simple. We explain how to get a blue and fluffy alien.

About Stitch in your villageYou can’t just unlock it via the lock with Dreamlight, you have to start a specific mission. This extends over several days. A dirty sock lying on the beach, muddy, makes a splash. here we are!

This is how you start the quest for Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Donald Duck you do the job by name “The Mystery of the Stolen Socks”, which begins with finding a dirty sock on the beach. It is quite noticeable with sparkles and sparkles. She brings them to Donald and finds out that this sock was stolen by an alien. You can already guess which sock thief it must be.

This is the quest for Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In total, you have to find three socks and talk to three different characters who owned those socks. You have to wait five days between these sock finds. So it takes a long time to get Stitch.

Here are all the steps needed to complete the task:

  • Find the dirty sock at Dazzle Beach
  • Talk to Donald Duck, complete a task for him
  • Wait five days
  • Find a chewy sock at Tranquil Meadow
  • Talk to Goofy, complete a task for him
  • Find a blue fur and bring it to Donald Duck
  • Wait five days
  • Find the third sock in the Forest of Valor
  • Talk to Merlin, complete a task for him
  • Find a mysterious claw and bring it to Donald
  • Go to Shiny Beach and set up an approach beacon on a small island in front of Skull Rock
  • Spaceship crash
  • Talk to Stitch and Donald and put Stitch home

Whoops, that’s a lot of steps. We’ll explain the long journey again in detail so you know exactly where to go and what to do to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find socks to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find your first sock at Dazzle Beach. Get a little creative, because a sock can be more hidden and not so obvious as walking around in open sand. In order to bring it to Donald, you must, of course, unlock it first.

With its sparkle and glamor, dirty and crumpled socks draw attention to themselves. You can spot them from afar.

If you have prepared a sock for Donald, which he will definitely never wear again, you still have to complete a task for him. Donald asks you to remove five piles of trash in his house. During this mission, you will find a strange device that causes a 33 percent match with the sock. Yes, two parts are still 100 percent missing.

The second sock appears in The Peaceful Meadow five days later. The exact location is random. The shine makes the socks stand out against the green ground. Once you bring these things to Goofy, you must destroy the wreckage in his house. You are done with the blue fur that you have to bring to Donald Duck. Only then do you continue.

On the map, we’re here for the second sock.

In the Forest of Courage you will find the last sock in five more days. Merlin gives her this and then removes the rubble from his house for him as well. In the ruins, you will find a mysterious claw, which you will bring to Donald. Then you have to attach a transmitter to the skull rock, or to the small island in front of this rock, and wait for Stitch’s spaceship. You can put it on just like you would put on a new piece of furniture.

Put the tracker on and wait for Stitch. This is located straight out of the sky in Disney’s Little Kingdom.

After the ship crashes in your Disney World from outer space, talk to Stitch and Donald, place his house in the valley, and pay Scrooge McDuck 10,000 Star Coins. Now Stitch is a member of the Magical Quarter. You can also start with his personal quest.

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