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How much longer can Boris Johnson wait? – Politics

Boris Johnson has been going to a construction site somewhere recently, wearing a high-visibility dress and a hard hat. You can often see him in hospitals. Every once in a while, Johnson tells the TV reporters there that he cannot comment on the party’s allegations that, unfortunately, the investigation is ongoing. After that, he thinks it is always very important, i.e. this government has already achieved, vaccinations, economic growth and so on. The details are rarely accurate, but who cares about the details. He also denies the new charge at times.

On Thursday, while inspecting the location of the proposed nuclear power plant in Wales, questions were raised about an email sent to Johnson by the Foreign Office. The mail confirms that Johnson was authorized to prioritize 173 dogs and cats from a charity when he left Kabul. It was “absolutely rhubarb,” Johnson said. Rhubarb Translated not only means “rhubarb” but also “nonsense”.

Boris Johnson’s poll numbers are now so pathetic that they reduce Theresa May’s record level.

Not to mention that Boris Johnson is hiding in this difficult phase of his tenure, he is in front of the microphone every day. He is now back in his favorite role: campaign mode.

The national election may not come back until 2024, but Johnson’s poll numbers are now so pathetic that they are reducing Theresa May’s record. Every day he is asked to resign in practice. At the same time, supporters are forming around the struggling Johnson, which is why the question of the current focus in Westminster is fully reopened. Question: How much longer?

Lime jobs: Boris Johnson (driver’s car, with helmet) showed off some very large vehicles, among others, when he went to a limestone pit in Wales on Thursday.

(Photo: Peter Byrne / AFP)

Johnson is currently doing his best to get as many of the 359 Tory MPs in the House of Commons back on his side as possible so that they can delete letters of no confidence, some of which are said to have already been saved as a draft in their email. -Posting programs. For most MPs, however, their personal or political approach to Johnson is less important than the internal conflict that is difficult to resolve: if they overthrow Johnson by a vote of no confidence, with or without a statement, they can continue to rule. Corruption and allegations continue to surface. The only difference is that the opposition parties will shout for the new election as loud as they can. If the public follows suit, the government is likely to end.

It may take a few weeks for the report on all parties to be filed

Opposition leader Khair Stormer, as he implicitly knows, can sometimes lead to dilemmas. He therefore reiterated his demand for resignation in a televised interview on Friday and stressed that Sue Gray’s investigation report should be released soon and, above all, in full. Gray, a cabinet office official hired to investigate in December, was due to present his findings this week. However, since Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police has also been investigating the “partygate”, with several meetings being held for violations during the lockout. On Friday, shortly before Stormer’s interview, Gray said police could release his report independently of authorities’ investigation, but without reference to meetings being investigated by police. Otherwise, there is a risk of “pre-judgment”, the police wrote.

But Cray’s statement would be ineffective without the alleged incidents of violating the Govt rules. And a document without accusations that would be in jeopardy for weeks would be like a soup-up statement.

Many expert lawyers have criticized the bizarre communications of the police. Former Northwest lawyer Nasir Afzal tweeted that it was “absolute nonsense” and that “Sue Gray’s statement of absolute truth cannot discriminate against the police investigation.” On the contrary, it does not change the fact that the police “should only follow the evidence contained in Gray’s statement.” The latest twist is that it takes weeks for all side allegations to be reported.

How much longer? Boris Johnson has actually bought time with the fact that the police are investigating the allegations against him and his staff.