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How long will early access last?

How long will early access last?

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access phase is taking longer than expected. According to the development, the new PC game will only appear in 2022.

The basics in brief

  • Head of Development, Swen Vincke, provided information on “Baldur’s Gate 3”.
  • He said the match won’t come out until 2022.
  • So fans should be satisfied with Early Access a little longer.

Answered by Swain Fink, founder of the Larian Studios development team recent questions From Gamespot magazine. It was about the release date and early access of “Baldur’s Gate 3”.

After the release of Early Access, the PC game is quiet. Now, finally, important questions are clarified.

Fink explains in the interview that the latest role-playing game will not appear until 2022. Time no longer enoughTo finish the game later this year.

Chief Larian apologized for the radio silence and promised that there would be new information about the development status soon. However, when exactly is not clear.

Finally, thank you for all the comments from the community, which one tries to include in the development. Baldur Early Access will continue due to delayed release. Plenty of time to give Larian some more feedback on the new role-playing game.