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How hot is the stadium?

How hot is the stadium?

The thermometer showed 37 degrees on Saturday afternoon at Grünwald Stadium – very likely it will be hotter on the pitch when Türkgücü challenges TSV 1860 in the third-tier derby today (2:03pm, db24 Ticker). A sports hazard”, TG Managing Director Max Kothny explained to “Münchner Merkur”. Not only because of this, some players may experience overheating on the pitch today.

Do lions give the correct answer on the field? With a win, 1860 Türkgücü could already withdraw by five points, with a defeat the Guests could bypass Köllner-Elf.

TSV 1860 won the last test of strength at the Olympic Stadium with a clear 2-0 victory.

db24 tip: 1860 – Turkgöcho 2:1.

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    • We basically thought of the Munich derby in a wild commentary – click here.
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    • In the third division, there were duels between the two teams: after a 2-2 victory at the Grünwalder Stadium, TSV 1860 won 2-0 in the second leg.
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    • 56 years ago on this day, history was made on the tops of Geising: TSV 1860 won its first derby in the Bundesliga against Bayern Munich 1-0 on August 14, 1965. Timo Konitzka met in front of 44,000 spectators in the first minute.
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    • Servus, black! We’re already on the field – and above all: it’s really hot. In fact, the temperatures will be more attractive to swimming than the third degree kick. But we have to go through it.