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How does Frei solve the welfare problem?  In Basel, six of the top scorers are vying for a place in the attacking position.

How does Frei solve the welfare problem? In Basel, six of the top scorers are vying for a place in the attacking position.

Goal-scoring qualities of Bayern newcomer Andy Zekeri

Andy Zekeri, on loan from FCB, scored 36 goals for his hometown club Lausanne-Sport – and they were often worth watching. Here are some good things.


FC Basel announced the signing of Andy Zekeri on Tuesday. Nati Striker is a real boost. But Basler now has a problem that YB had until a few days ago.

Who will score the goals? That’s what they’ve been asking themselves in Rheinknie for half a year and the passing of Arthur Cabral. The Brazilian was by far Basel’s top scorer last season (27 goals) despite only playing half of the season in the Premier League. The wingers Liam Millar and Valentine Stocker came in second place (ten goals each).

So Bayern responded and developed the attack in the summer – and how! Zaki Amdouni, Jean-Kevin Augustin and now Andy Zekeri are brought in as the center of the attack. In addition, Kali Sen and Tsien Toshi have returned from their loans. And with Adam Salai, the well-known scorer has been with Pepe since January.

Means: There are currently six goal-hungry strikers on the FCB team – and they are fighting for one position. Because Alex Frei played 4-2-3-1 in each of the first four competitive games. Sezalay was allowed to run up front three times from the start, and Amdoni was allowed once.

Augustin and Sean are still injured, but are undoubtedly favorites to join the starting line-up once they are back in shape. Then there’s Toschi, who Frey thinks is pretty high – last season the 21-year-old was more or less ranked under Frey at Winterthur.

There are hardly any alternatives to the attacker. Because the pavilion sites are also well stocked with Dan Ndoye, Liam Millar, Darian Males, Joelson Fernandes, Sayfallah Ltaief and newcomer Anton Kade. Only in the attacking midfield is there some leeway for someone like Amdouni.

Will Frei have to switch?

Alex Fry puzzled over the attack. Will the coach have to fire his sweetheart 4-2-3-1 – which he usually played at Will and Winterthur? A variant with two trained strikers will not only provide more chances, but there will also be one unsatisfied striker on the bench.

Zaqiri is burning out on assignments after two years without much match training. Just like the wild youngsters Amdoni, Sen and Toshi, who want to further their careers. There are also allegations that Hungary captain Nati Szalay and professional Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig player Augustin.

Al Shabab also started the season with five top-tier strikers, but the luxury problem has now been resolved. Jean-Pierre Nessam, Michak Elia, and new signings Cedric Itten, Wilfried Kanga (to Hertha Berlin) and Jordan Sepacho (to Union Berlin) remained.

It is very likely that one of the strikers will leave the club at Bayern as well. The only two options are Kaly Sène and Tician Tushi, who are back on loan. Sen might be attracted to Belgium, while Toshi might be looking for another loan.

Alex Fry spoiled his choice of attack.

stone key

In the end, it is also likely to be decisive whether Bayern will participate in the group stage of the congress league. Then there are more games and therefore more opportunities for Team Frei to delight all the attackers. In the third preliminary round, Basel meets Bröndby IF, the first leg takes place in Denmark on Thursday evening at 20:30.