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How Daimler Truck sends autonomous trucks across the United States

How Jeremy appears to be a model driver is evident even after leaving the interstate at a traffic light that has been green for some time. Almost every driver will accelerate to catch the green grid. Instead, Jeremy drives slowly, standing in red and having to wait. If his fingers were itchy – he even went to special stunt training for truck drivers – he didn’t show it. He can’t help it. This is because sobriety and super-rule driving are commanded by a computer mounted to the left behind the driver’s car. With the exception of a small construction site directly at the depot, the semi-trailer ran automatically for a full 20 minutes. The human driver was only the supervisor.

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Walter Griggs of Dark Robotics, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck, who sits behind the driver and watches the scene, said, “Jeremy was only responsible once on the driveway. The computer was immediately handed over to him. “Sorry,” says Jeremy. – then completed thousands of autonomous test runs over a four-hour distance to Albuquerque and Amarillo, Texas. Carry – for example cement bags.