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How Boyd Once Knocked Off FFC Striker Andrea Pirlo - Football

How Boyd Once Knocked Off FFC Striker Andrea Pirlo – Football

The FCK striker has competed with the US national team for years. And one of his great idols around him.

In February 2012, Terence Boyd played for Borussia Dortmund. However, not for the Bundesliga team coached by Jürgen Klopp at the time, but for the second group. The coach at the time was Boyd’s native David Wagner, in the Fourth Division Western Region. A few days before the first leg in Idar Oberstein, the USAFA reported: “It was very surreal. It was Matthias Hamann, Didi’s brother, who was working as a scout for the United States at the time. He told me you could do it. Learn Italian because you are in Italy. “I told him, ‘I play in the Western Regional League and on Saturday in Idar-Oberstein, what am I supposed to do in Italy.'”

Terence Boyd wearing the second Borussia Dortmund shirt in the Western Regional League in 2012

Terence Boyd wearing the second Borussia Dortmund shirt in the Western Regional League in 2012

From Idar Oberstein to Genoa

Terence Boyd already played for Idar Oberstein on February 26, 2012 – winning 1-0 with the second Borussia Dortmund. After that everything happened very quickly: “After that Matthias Hamann took me to the airport, in Milan the driver was waiting who brought me to Genoa.” Boyd felt he was in a “completely wrong movie”. But it was all real. On the evening of February 29, 2012, the 79th minute was played, and the United States advanced 1-0 after a goal scored by Clint Dempsey. USA coach Jürgen Klinsmann gave the signal, and Terrence Boyd made his US national team debut.

He came out for the first time from Peru

The striker still remembers what the first did very vividly: “It was sick, first act, Andrea Pirlo was sent off first. Then he lay on the floor upset and looked up.” Which probably shocked Terrence Boyd the most because the apology came instantly. “I’m so sorry, I’m a huge fan” were the debut words of Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo. After the first few minutes in the national shirt, after the final whistle, it was time to switch shirts – another strange situation: “I didn’t know you had two shirts. I told the player he asked me ‘No, this is my first time.'” Game, the shirt goes home to the family.” Later, the exchange succeeded, Terrence Boyd cut off the shirt from Giorgio Chiellini.

After this experience in Genoa, another 13 caps followed, the last of which was in October 2016. It was so bitter for Boyd that he had to take a long break in the meantime due to a ruptured cruciate ligament. At the club, the Bremen native went from Dortmund to Austria, to Rapid Vienna. Then back to Germany: RB Leipzig, Darmstadt 98, where Boyd also played 7 times in the Bundesliga, a short trip to Canada to FC Toronto, and back to Germany, Hallescher FC were the other stops. And now, at the age of 31, a dream has come true with a move to 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Terrence Boyd always wanted to play with the Red Devils. And perhaps the long-awaited promotion back to the second division will work in his favour now: “We’re second in the table, obviously you’re dealing with that. But there are still a few teams that want the same thing. We’re making sure we launch everything now in every Match, and we’ll see where the flight goes.