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How an American senator ruined Biden’s climate protection plans

Der Querulant

The 74-year-old Democrat is a very conservative, and he often comes across as a Republican who accidentally ended up in the wrong party. The balance of power in the Senate is so tight that Biden’s 50 Democrats must vote unanimously in the congressional chamber to implement a plan. Senator Kirsten Cinema from Arizona has always been one of the possible variations. The worst problem is undoubtedly Manjin.

His role in pushing the scales makes the West Virginia Senator one of Washington’s most powerful politicians today. Manjin is not yet widely known internationally. The fact that the name of the relatively small and underdeveloped state is more recognizable abroad than on its own is probably due to the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. West Virginia is the second largest coal producer in the United States, but only 1.8 million of the approximately 330 million Americans live there. Fewer than 20,000 people in the state work in the mines.

“Joe Manzin just cooked the planet”

The barrier of the machine can have consequences for the people of the world. “He plans to destroy Biden’s climate plan, so there are opportunities for global improvement,” environmental activist Bill McKibben recently wrote on Twitter. “It’s high on the list of the most important actions taken by a senator; the effects of this vain man can be seen in the geographical records.” .

America’s “Most Important Climate Protection Programs”

Biden is currently struggling to get his most important opinion after being sworn in by Congress. The two legislative bodies offer to expand infrastructure and social benefits, but not by any means: “Together we have the most important climate protection measures the United States has ever taken,” the New York Times wrote. Manzin specifically wants to block one move – the most important in terms of climate protection: a $ 150 billion (129 billion euro) project to “clean electricity” to reward suppliers for expanding such energy sources. .

The senator argues that private utility companies should not be brought in for the expansion of renewable energies with taxpayer money because they are going this way anyway. What Manjin says: Pitan’s plan will significantly speed up the process. It aims to double its share of energy in the United States by 2030 from sources that do not produce 80 percent of climate-harmful CO2.

“Coal Baron” Manjin

It’s no secret that there is a conflict in the engine – it seems. Coal company Enrsystems’ dividend was the largest item last year at less than half a million dollars. Manjin once founded the company and then gave it to his son, and according to his own reports, he still owns shares worth one to five million dollars. The British Guardian Manzin – chairman of the Senate Energy Committee – calls it the “Coal Baron.”

Is Biden coming to Glasgow empty-handed?

The United States is crucial in the fight against climate change: it is the world’s largest economy and the second largest producer of CO2 emissions after China. On his first day as president, Biden began his return to the United States for the Paris Agreement, from which his predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew. Since his visit to the White House, Biden has called on other governments to step up their efforts to protect the climate and follow the United States’ example. But if Biden is unable to get even his own plans through Congress, it will significantly weaken his position at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow.

The Democrats’ last chance?

Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in the Guardian warned that if Biden came in empty-handed, it would be “bad for the US leadership, bad for negotiations and bad for the climate. Simply catastrophic.” The White House added: “The majority of Senate Democrats understand that this is our last chance to act.”

There are congressional elections in the United States within a year, and then it will end with a narrow majority of Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives. The ambitious climate protection bills against Congress controlled by the Republicans are unlikely to be implemented by Fida – especially if he now fails against his own party.