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How about love, Jeon Tears?

How about love, Jeon Tears?

In an interview with, ESC star Gjon’s Tears gives insight into his private life. Is the 22-year-old’s musical talent still available? It is covered.

The basics are in brief

  • On stage, tears convince Gjon with an angelic voice.
  • At ESC he sang himself and Switzerland to an exciting third place.
  • In an interview with, he revealed his relationship status.

At the Eurovision Song Contest, Gjon’s Tears sang his way into the hearts of the fans with his song “Tout l’Univers”. The 22-year-old is very popular in Germany thanks to the third place.

The question that arises: Is our ESC star still available? How’s it going with love? Gjon Tears comments in a interview. His answer: Yes, he is solo!

However, the relationship is currently not his first priority. “I want to find love,” he says. why not? But honestly, I don’t have time. “

Because: Jeon is as embedded as he is Musician or instrumentalist Means correctly, it is perfection. “I like to take time with something – and then do it right. For now, I am taking the time to get my album right.”

This is now a priority. Gjon Tears: “Then I can still take care of love.”

Eurovision: Grandpa is crying

Jeon is a family man. Find the musician He is his biggest fan. His grandfather also had a role in his participation in the “Greatest Talent of Albania” program.

Would you buy Gjon’s Tears’ new album?

How did the grandfather react to the success of ESC? “As soon as I left the stage, I immediately called my grandfather. Fret. I was pleased that my “superpowers” were still working and I could touch them. “

After the show He was able to roast his successful performance with his loved ones: “My parents were in the audience and also described me. He was great. There were all the people around me that I needed and who loved me.”

Gjon’s Tears “always” wanted to compete for Switzerland

for him Musician or instrumentalist With Albanian roots, participation in the Economic and Social Council of Albania was also an issue. “Competing for Switzerland is what I’ve always wanted, that was amazing! I think I was able to represent Switzerland very well, especially the multicultural side. Because I have a different origin. “

However, he would also have been “happy” to be able to compete for Albania. The main thing is to be able to participate in the competition at all. To show your “talent”. Show that and how!

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