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Hotspots: Apple implements WPA3 security protocol in iOS 15

Hotspots: Apple implements WPA3 security protocol in iOS 15

The current beta version of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 allows developers to explore the new functionality of the operating system now. There have been no noticeable improvements to hotspot connections for many years, but that is changing with iOS 15.

Macrumors It quotes developer Noah Evans, who discovered that Apple finally adopted WPA3 for hotspot connections after many years. So far, iOS devices also support WPA3, but this does not apply to hotspots that can be unlocked by devices.

And WPA3 is by no means new. It has been around since 2018 in response to a security vulnerability.

AVM – manufacturer of fritz cans, write about it: “WPA3 uses modern encryption methods (SAE) and provides, among other things, increased security against so-called ‘dictionary attacks’ thus effectively preventing automatic attempt of passwords for your WLAN.”

Protected Management Frameworks (PMF) Function “Ensures secure data exchange between the WLAN device and the WLAN base during the registration phase.”

Usually no changes are required to be made on other devices.
Windows 10 supports WPA3 from version 1903, macOS supports WPA3 from version 10.15 while Android supports WPA3 since Android 10.

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