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Horta-Osorio deals maximum damage to CS

Antonio Horta Osorio killed Credit Suisse. One shot after 8 months. That’s how long the highly acclaimed UK promotion banker spent at Paradeplatz.

Now the supposed star has turned himself into a clown. He escaped from quarantine in a private plane like this look revealed. Als Horta aufflog, make excuses.

New, finished and more: The customer service staff is devastated. They were hoping to get a captain at Horta-Osorio who would fix the leaking tanker and make it float on its feet.

Now they have an air bus at home you don’t know how stupid it is to do it. It wouldn’t be a tragedy, it would be a shooting.

A womanizer, aircraft setter, and nonsense narrator who walks the talk and has no control over himself.

The consequences for computer science are tragic. In private banking, the best does not want to leave. “Now you’re getting cracks that you’ve always loomed before,” said one headhunter in Zurich.

A very senior professional in private banking recently resigned. he is Presiding over northern Switzerland The Maitland with Felix Baumgartner. Now it looks like he’s going to Basel – to compete.

Chef Baumgartner is controversial with some: Remains. “He won’t get as much as he does in CS anywhere,” said one interviewee.

The good and the able to go in and out, the gilded, who offer something to talk about, keep pressing the button: there is no trace of a new beginning.

Horta Osorio is to blame. The traveler didn’t just step on the Covid rules. Nor did he do anything.

New strategy, new minds, new mood? No trace. Instead, there were silly interviews as shown. and exhortations under which every CS employee “Cardiac Risk Manager“It has to be.

Where am I (IP)

Unclear words fly around Horta – English “sir” as the whole world has allowed – around the ears.

Because change starts at the top. At Credit Suisse, Horta-Osorio sets an example of what applies. It is clear that touring and rules are violated.

The story of the quarantine is going around the world. “A customer from Canada asked me: ‘What’s going on with your banks?’ “A Zurich asset manager said yesterday when the Blake report made waves.

Reputational damage affects the entire financial position. Swiss banks are making fun of the world – again. This is the dimension that lies at the heart of Horta’s disregard for Covid.

The CS chief himself had not yet begun to understand the implications. His regret must have saved his complexion, like that time in “case”.

Little did he know that quarantine also meant he was not allowed out of Switzerland. Cheaper is hardly possible.