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Horizon Forbidden West - patch 1.06 online, dozens of fixes on board

Horizon Forbidden West – patch 1.06 online, dozens of fixes on board

Guerrilla Games has patch 1.06 for Forbidden horizon west It was released, making dozens of modifications to the open-world RPG.

These affect many areas of the game and are largely based on player feedback, including graphics, gameplay, quests, UI/UX, activities, performance, and much more. You can read the full change Read on Reddit.

These issues are being investigated

Furthermore, Guerrilla Games are having some issues on the screen which they are currently investigating and hope to resolve with upcoming updates. These include:

  • The team continues to investigate several graphical issues that players reported regarding flicker, sharpness, and screen saturation when moving the camera.
  • Some players have reported that the Fire Blaze icons are not removed from the map after interacting with them.
  • Some players have reported an issue with the Breaking Even Side quest where they are unable to talk to Porguf when Talanah is at Camp Nowhere, hindering progress on this quest.
  • Some musicians have reported that the track “The World on Her Shoulders” is repeated during play. We’ve made a partial fix in this patch to prevent this issue for players who haven’t encountered this issue while playing. We are still looking for a solution for players who are currently experiencing this issue.
  • Some players reported that they could not reach 100% in the game progress list, our team is investigating.

This would greatly improve the Horizon Forbidden West experience for many. There are impressions of the game itself in Our current review.