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Honor: These phones get Android 12 with Magic UI 6.0

Honor: These phones get Android 12 with Magic UI 6.0

Honor 50

Honor reveals which older phones will receive the Android 12 update. A total of 14 smartphones and tablets will be updated to the new operating system by Q3 2022.

Honor introduces the update schedule for Android 12. (Source: Honor)

  • In the presentation of the Magic V foldable cell phone, Honor also revealed the mobile phones that will receive the Android 12 update.
  • The first mobile phones will be updated in the first quarter.
  • This also contains the new user interface Magic UI 6.0.

When the new Honor Magic V was introduced honor Also a future outlook is planned Android 12 updates Given for older Honor phones. The first models with the new OS should be considered in a few weeks.

The table below tells you which Honor phones will receive the update and when to expect it. Most of the models listed are not available in Germany.

First Quarter Second Quarter Third quarter
Magic 3 Pro + honor 50 Honor 50 SE
Magic 3 Pro Honor 50 Pro Honor V40 Duo
magic 3 honor 60 Honor Tablet V7
Honor 60 Pro Honor Tablet V7 Pro
Honor X30
Honor X30i
Honor X20

Honor Android 12 Update Roadmap

With the update, you’ll also get the new Magic UI 6.0 user interface, the tech blog reports GSMArena.

Magic UI 6.0 brings these innovations

Magic UI 6.0 should have many innovations. With Magic Live you get an assistant platform. This learns about your habits and gives you recommendations and reminders that may be useful for your daily life. With “Multi-windows”, you can display several applications on your screen. Magic Live recognizes the content and then recommends you to use the multi-window function.

With Honor Sharing, you can share a screen in addition to a mouse and keyboard. You can also transfer data between your smartphone and a computer using Honor Connect. The connections must support speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps.

In China, Honor also supports Microsoft Your Phone-App. With this, you can control your mobile phone via PC and receive notifications on PC.

Android update planned for…

Must be update to Android 12 for honor 50 to be put up.

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