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Homophobic chants: USA vs. Mexico game stopped

Homophobic chants: USA vs. Mexico game stopped

CONCACAF Nations League final between national football teams United States of America Mexico was boycotted several times due to homophobic chants from fans.

During the United States' victory on Sunday (local time) in Arlington, Texas, the referee stopped the match several times in the final stage after the Mexican fans began cheering.

The Continental Association of North and Central America and the Caribbean said it condemned the discriminatory chants. Stadium security personnel identified a large number of participating fans and removed them from the stadium.

Germany's 3-1 win over USA leaves you wanting more. And Julian Nagelsmann seems to have reignited the competition as well. This is also a sign.

October 15, 2023 | 05:31 minutes

From a sporting standpoint, the match was decided by two former Bundesliga professionals. The host team's goals were scored by former Leipzig player Tyler Adams (45th minute) and Dortmund player Giovanni Reyna (63rd minute), who is currently on loan to Nottingham Forest. After Reina's goal, the celebrating US team was hit by objects thrown onto the field by fans. “We want a great atmosphere, but we don't want things being thrown at us,” coach Gregg Berhalter said. “That's dangerous, someone could get hurt.”

CONCACAF did not initially announce any disciplinary measures after the match was stopped.