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Holidays in Britain – King Charles delivers first Christmas speech to British people – News


In his first Christmas speech as British King Charles III. Condolences to all affected families.

In a televised address, the king said there was “a time of great fear and distress”. It applies to all those affected by conflict, famine or natural disasters worldwide, as well as those “finding ways to pay their bills and feed their families and keep them warm”. Millions of people in the UK are struggling with rising food prices and energy costs.

We feel Elizabeth II’s absence in every familiar season and remember her in every cherished tradition.

This is the first time a monarch has given a televised Christmas speech. In 1957, Charles’ mother Queen Elizabeth II became the first monarch to address the nation on television at Christmas. The Queen’s speech was broadcast live at the time, but it has long since been recorded.

Charles’ speech was recorded at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on 13 December. The Queen, who is buried beneath the chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle, died on September 8 after 70 years on the throne.

In the speech, Charles found personal words for his “beloved” mother Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September aged 96. “It’s time to move on,” King said for those who missed the holidays. “We feel their absence with every familiar season and remember them with every cherished tradition.”

He shared with the late Queen a belief in people who can touch the lives of others with kindness and compassion. This is “the essence of our society and the foundation of our society,” the 74-year-old said.

I would like to pay tribute to all the people who are so generous with food or donations or donating their time to help the most needy.

Charles thanked the military, health and social workers, teachers and all government workers for their “selfless service”. They are very humane and readily respond to the needs of others. “I want to pay a special tribute to all the wonderful and kind people who are so generous with their time, whether it’s food or donations or commodities that are so precious to everyone,” the King said.