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Hockey star Avery Peterson secretly leaves for the United States

Hockey star Avery Peterson secretly leaves for the United States

Hockey star Avery Peterson shocks DEL to Bettgen Steelers: The American escaped shortly before the match and joined a new team.

The basics in brief

  • An American ice hockey star is causing a stir in Germany.
  • After just two games for the Bettigheim Steelers, Avery Peterson gave up begging.
  • He traveled secretly to his homeland and joined another club there.

It’s a strange story from the world of sports…

The focus is on ice hockey star Avery Peterson. At the beginning of the month he moved from Milwaukee Admirals in North American AHL to Bietigheim Steelers in German DEL.

The 26-year-old American played two games for his new employer. Before the third game on December 17, came the biggest surprise: Avery simply left for the USA and joined another team.

The residents of Bittgheim tell the strange story in a letter they call “Avery Peterson deceives the Bettgheim Steelers.” Accordingly, the striker announced before the match on the 17th that he was no longer able to play because he was ill and barely slept and wanted to return to the United States immediately.

The association wanted to send him to the doctor for examination – “he refused.” For several days they tried to allow him to continue receiving medical care – “he always refused to do so,” says the letter.

He also did not accept psychiatric care. “We did all this in close coordination with his agent,” the club said. He also tried to influence Peterson.

Finally, Avery Peterson booked his trip on his own initiative and returned to the United States. “All his equipment was in the cabin, his car was parked in front of the apartment and the apartment key was on the desk – he just disappeared!”

Peterson joined a new club

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Wild’s six-round NHL draft from 2013 was found to have another agent and joined a new ECHL team without the Steelers’ approval.

The Swabians are now examining legal steps against the ice hockey star regarding breach of contract and potential damages claims. “Such fraudulent behavior has no place in professional sport,” the letter says. Peterson has no permit.

The club was completely shocked, as they knew Peterson well beforehand. There were also players from the current team who knew him from the past and could recommend him as a good player. I had even described him as a “good person”.

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