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Hockey live in Olympia: Germany play strong, but subject to Australia

After a thrilling hockey semi-final, Australia has reached the final of the 2021 Olympics.

Australia – Germany 3: 1 (2: 1)

  • Germany wants to win the semi-finals and final against Australia Olympia 2021 Aggregation.
  • Hockey was the first part of the 1908 Olympics
  • Hockey has been able to secure men’s medals at the previous four Olympics. This was enough to win the Olympics in 2008 and 2012.

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+++ Germany were better in almost half the game. Australia but very effective. Luck was on the Australia side. Of course, there is great disappointment in the German teams. The loss after such a hard game was really bitter. In the small final on Thursday, Germany can only fight for the bronze.

The 4th quarter of the hockey semifinals at Olympia 2021

+++ Final whistle.

+++ And another. There are a few seconds on the clock

+++ Punishment corner for Germany!

+++ The target is calculated. With that the game is as good as it gets decided. 3: 1

+++ Now the ball is in the goal. In error. Video source taken by Germany …

+++ It may have gone wrong. But Bosserhoff defends the empty goal.

+++ Now Alexander Stadler leaves the gate. Three more minutes. Also with a field player.

+++ Australia have been able to make a few moves again for a long time. And time is running out mercilessly …

+++ When will Germany expel the goalkeeper? There are still six minutes to pay compensation.

+++ One after the other there is opportunity. Nicholas Wellen did not hit the ball in the best way. It could have been through.

+++ Germany needs the next victory. Body language should be correct now.

+++ Not much work for Australians right now. But nothing can be done by Germany.

+++ Green card for Christopher Ruhr. So Germany was more than two minutes.

+++ Germany is gaining traction, but cannot seize the opportunity now.

+++ Go further.

3rd quarter of the hockey semifinals at Olympia 2021

+++ The goalless quarter ends. Although Germany regained strength, they still could not equalize. Now they need to be calm and, if possible, score more goals than Australia.

+++ The referee gives Germany a penalty corner, but Australia takes video evidence. And they are right.

+++ Shortly before the end of the third quarter, Germany is at a good point again. Is there anything going on here before the whistle sounds?

+++ The German team did not really come here. You are trying to prevent an attack. But there are no big opportunities here.

+++ Corner failed …

+++ Punishment corner for Germany!

+++ Green card against Australia. So Australia is outnumbered now.

+++ And Alexander Stadler Paris!

+++ Penalty Corner for Australia. Hawk touched the ball with his body.

+++ And Australia banged. Germany must now be careful and avoid mistakes.

+++ Players are coming back to the field. We still know who can fight for the gold medal here in 30 minutes.

The German team shows strong play in the semi-final against Australia

© Swen Pförtner / dpa

2nd quarter of the hockey semifinals at Olympia 2021

+++ The teams are in the locker room and preparing for the second half.

+++ Opportunity to equalize Benedict Fork. The net faltered, but the ball was only in the side net.

+++ Also Australia converted the first penalty corner. 2: 1

+++ Germany had no new corner, and Hersbrough played with the round side.

+++ After the rematch, the referee blew another penalty corner, but Australia first asked the video referee

+++ Johannes Große fouled and Germany won a penalty corner!

+++ The Australians are strong, but Germany’s defensive strength. Windfeder has stopped another attack.

+++ Great parade by goalkeeper Alexander Stadler! It is important to keep the game open.

+++ Australia had a great opportunity. But Martin Henner can mitigate the ball.

+++ The second quarter starts slightly lower than the first quarter. This time there is a little more going on in front of the German goal.

The first quarter of the hockey semifinals at Olympia 2021

+++ This is the strongest game of the German team in the first quarter. After the deficit, the team equalizes through a penalty corner without letting itself settle.

+++ Compensation !! Lucas Windfeder converts the penalty corner and flips the ball into the corner! 1: 1

+++ Punishment corner for Germany!

+++ But the German team was not afraid. Although they have not yet actually reached risk.

+++ Goal for Australia! Seven minutes later, Brandt brought the ball into the German goal. 1: 0

+++ Opportunity against Germany, but the referee blew the whistle with a dangerous play.

+++ Germany banged!

+++ Teams descend the field. It begins after the psalms.

After the German hockey men advanced to the semifinals

© Yang Xiao / Imago

Tokyo – The second semifinals of field hockey are set to take place at the 2021 Olympics. There is also German men’s wear. The German team wants to win a medal against Australia from the selection. At the Oil Hockey Stadium in Tokyo, the world number one must ensure that they face their first defeat of the Olympics.

On the way to the semi-finals, the team of national coach Gais al-Saadi defeated Argentina 3-1 in the quarterfinals. At the time, the German selector had to withdraw from the Olympics after the defeat against Argentina. Satisfied senior Tobias Hawk said after the successful quarterfinals: “We did a lot of things right.”

Olympia 2021: German hockey team

The first semi-final was already underway and the Belgian team got a great result. After a 2-2 break, Belgium came back and clearly beat India 5-2. With Belgium already securing the medal, India can still count on bronze in the match for third place. The respective opponents decide today in the match between Australia and Germany.

After finishing second at the European Championships in Amsterdam in June, the team must ensure another game victory this year:

  • Victor Ali
  • Niklas Bosserhoff
  • Florian Fuchs
  • Benedict Fork
  • Mats Crombush
  • Johannes Cross
  • Martin Henner
  • Tobias Hawk
  • Tim is heartbroken
  • Paul Kaufman
  • Linus Mல்லller
  • Eastern Orus
  • Christopher Roore
  • Alexander Stadler
  • Constantine’s Step
  • Justice Weykond
  • Nicholas waves
  • Lucas Windfeather
  • Martin Swicker