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Hockey: Germany removes Great Britain by outstanding amount

Olympic Games: The German hockey team eliminated Great Britain after a shortage

The German hockey team celebrates another big victory at the Olympics in the third group match against Great Britain. Despite the initial lack, the DHP team shows an amazing performance, thus maintaining the medal dream. Knockout calls round!

Germany – Great Britain 5: 1 (1: 1, 0: 0, 2: 0, 2: 0)

0: 1 Roper (8th), 1: 1 Fox (15th), 2: 1 Roher (35th), 3: 1 Weykond (43rd), 4: 1 Fox (51st), 5: 1 Fox ( 60.)

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Briefly essentials: The German hockey men are in the Olympics in Tokyo after their second win in the third game before entering the knockout round. Coach Gais al-Saadi’s team won Tuesday’s 5: 1 (1: 1) win over Great Britain at the Oy Hockey Stadium, thus securing the most important victory in the fight for a good starting position for the quarterfinals. The other opponents are Thursday South Africa And Friday The Netherlands. Four teams from a group of six move to the knockout round.

Meanwhile the German selection got off to a good start in the rain from Tokyo, but it suffered British Philip Roper is behind the start (9th minute). Shortly before the end of the first quarter, Florian Fuchs equalized on a penalty corner (15th). In the second quarter, the DHP selection escaped a double deficit, and after the break Christopher Rohr had a well-deserved lead (35th). Justice Waycond rose to 3: 1 (42nd), and Fuchs met again in the final (51st / 60th).

The Al Saadi team reacted well to their first defeat in the Olympics against the world champions Belgium (1: 3) On Monday. Initially, the German selection was 7-1 against outsiders Canada Forced success.

Reading against Germany and Great Britain

6.48am: End in Tokyo! Germany overthrew Great Britain despite a terrific performance and setback. The dream of the medal is alive!

4th Quarter – 15th Minute: Tour! Honor covers the penalty corner heavily, but Payne can block it. But then there’s Fuchs, who gets his third win. Good!

4th Quarter – 15th Minute: Germany have a final penalty corner. However, Great Britain is demanding video resources.

4th Quarter – 14th Minute: The last revolt of the British was a small one, but the attack erupted in a well-organized target area of ​​Germany.

4th Quarter – 13th Minute: Germany is playing it quietly. Stipe is still coming to an end, but a British bat is on the way.

4th Quarter – 9th Minute: Very little from Great Britain in this game. Disappointing achievement.

4th Quarter – 6th Minute: TOOOOR! This is the counter-attack of the Germans who are now making decisions. Fuchs penetrates the goal area and puts the ball across. Britt Samford wants to block Stein’s impact and cross his own keeper. The goal belonged to Fuchs as he was the last German player on the ball.

4th Quarter – 5th Minute: The German team did not escape from the first small pressure point.

4th Quarter – 2nd Minute: Germany do it efficiently and take control of the game this quarter as well. You do not want to give confidence to Great Britain here.

6:29 a.m .: Last quarter begins.

Breaks the spell with German hockey boys

3rd Quarter – 15th Minute: But you have to keep playing, you have to do it! Now Fuchs is showing a wonderful solo on the British site and watching Weekend. But his graduation goes at the feet of fellow Kaufman.

3rd Quarter – 13th Minute: TOOOOR! Mates Crombush dances through the opposite goal and the British allow him to stand left and right. He then brings the ball in front of the goal, where Weykond has to push it over the line. Germany is on the rise!

3rd Quarter – 10th Minute: Suddenly Ansel is alone in front of the stator. The goalkeeper can come out aggressive and see the quick result wonderfully. Great act!

3rd Quarter – 8th Minute: The English again! Roper comes to an end in the penalty area, but Stadler is still there.

3rd Quarter – 6th Minute: Germany now waits and gets the next penalty corner. However, Honor’s decision is very harmless. The DHP team needs to get more out of it.

3rd Quarter – 5th Minute: TOOOOR! Roner finds Roner with a superb pass in the left goal area. It pulls from a sharp angle and hits the curve in the top right corner – an amazing hit! So worthy!

3rd Quarter – 4th Minute: In a long corner, Roher puts the ball well in the middle, but Waycond misses it there.

3rd Quarter – 3rd Minute: Although conditions have changed fundamentally, the field shows the same as it did in the first round: Germany is being pushed to the lead.

3rd Quarter – 1st Minute: Let’s Go!

6:08 am: It is now raining heavily in Tokyo. Soldiers are now returning from dry land.

Germany dominates – but misses many opportunities

05:59: The 2nd quarter is over! Germany was very high, but it was only 1: 1 against Great Britain.

2nd Quarter – 14th Minute: The German team puts the penalty corner above the gate. You leave so many options!

2nd Quarter – 14th Minute: Great Chance for Germany! There is a double chance of step and waves, but the British keeper blocks the impact. Fuchs pulls out a penalty corner at the end of the third in the goal area.

2nd Quarter – 13th Minute: Poserhof becomes unhappy and needs treatment.

2nd Quarter – 12th Minute: Back to Germany for a green card and muttering from Crombush. That’s annoying, the DHB group number is high.

2nd Quarter – 11th Minute: Players are waiting as the rain intensifies in Tokyo. Then the result: No Penalty Corner. That’s right.

2nd Quarter – 11th Minute: Waycond gets stained by the dropper and takes out the next penalty corner. It is still being tested by the video referee because the German first pulled through the bat and hit it past. A mistake? It is up to the arbitrators to decide.

2nd Quarter – 10th Minute: Fuchs gets the ball in the goal area and tries at a sharp angle, but only puts the sports equipment home.

2nd Quarter – 7th Minute: Germany are now outnumbered because the Huns have to go down. Tough results. But despite their high numbers, the ball is in the Germans’ ranks.

2nd Quarter – 5th Minute: There is a clear domination of the Germans around Great Britain. But they are becoming more dangerous than counter-attack … like now! Stadler makes wonderful Paris.

2nd Quarter – 3rd Minute: Fuchs puts the ball well into the goal area, but Kaufman does not hit the game equipment properly. What a shame, a good opportunity! Germany is in the throes.

2nd Quarter – 1st Minute: Go!

Germany equalizes by the end of the first quarter

1st Quarter – 15th Minute: Tour to Germany! The penalty corner is balanced. A few seconds before the end of the first quarter, the ball comes in the middle, and Weekend cleverly puts it on the fuchsia, directing the ice cold from a short distance. Fantastic variation for 1: 1!

First Quarter: 12th Minute: Great Britain is coming dangerously ahead of the German target, but Trout is on wide alert.

First Quarter – 10th Minute: Stipe catches a heart from a distance and the ball flies clearly over the box.

1st Quarter – 8th Minute: Tour to Great Britain! In the built-up game Crombush inadvertently misses the ball, and Roper turns at lightning speed and hits the ball in the right corner. Germany is behind in the beginning!

First Quarter – 7th Minute: In the penalty corner, Justice Waycond comes towards the ball in the short post, but the British apologize recklessly in front of the box.

1st Quarter – 4th Minute: Almost 1-0! Kofman appears free in front of goal after a superb plug-in pass, but drops the ball to the left.

1st Quarter – 3rd Minute: The British are now allowing DHP boys to run for the first time. Swicker then intervenes and commits fraud.

1st Quarter – 1st Minute: First shot towards goal! Stipe walks away, but hits fellow Fuchs in the head. The German must first move and move to the bench.

5.15 am: Let’s go! Great Britain kick-off.

5.10 am: Our hockey boys stand hand in hand listening to the anthem. Looking forward to a lively game!

Morning 05.00.:. Kick-off is about to start in Tokyo! After yesterday’s women’s victory, the German hockey team should follow suit.

00.30 am: Welcome to Direct Ticker from Focus Online. The third team sport at the Olympics in Tokyo is on the agenda for German hockey experts. The kick-off against Great Britain will take place on Tuesday morning at 5.15am German time. The purpose is to create a good starting point for the knockout stage.

Olympia: Hockey professional Fuchs makes semi-final promises

Qualifying for the quarterfinals was not in serious danger due to the first defeat, with four of the six teams advancing in the group. Initially, the German team defeated Canada 7-1. With a 1: 3 (0: 2) against strong world champions Belgium, the German men lowered the first Olympic mood in the second preliminary round match.

“We have even better games against Great Britain, the Netherlands and South Africa. We will advance to the quarterfinals when we win and advance to the semi-finals,” Florian Fuchs said with confidence after the initial anger subsided. “Nothing will change in our plan. Whether we are the first, second or third person – in the end it will not make a big difference.”

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