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His girlfriend stood in the notorious “Zero Row”.

His girlfriend stood in the notorious “Zero Row”.

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann reportedly has a new girlfriend. Hot: The model was already in the notorious “zero row”.

Till Lindemann reportedly has a new woman in his life. – Getty Images

The basics in a nutshell

  • Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann is said to be in love.
  • Chosen by: 20-year-old supermodel.

After the scandal headlines before the love news!

Last week, Rammstein singer Till Lindemann (60 years old) gave a concert in Paris. It has been overshadowed by protests over allegations of abuse.

It looks like the singer is still enjoying his trip to France – because of a woman.

Till Lindemann reportedly has a model as a girlfriend. – Ciba/Ducas

The German was seen holding the hand of his supposed new love.

According to Bild, she is Joelle Marie Garach (20 years old). She is a German-Polish model and also works as an influencer.

Jewel Marie Jarach is said to have conquered the heart of singer Till Lindemann. -Instagram/jolliggers

Joelle Marie Jarach speaks four languages ​​and studies digital communications. He seems to be a fan of Rammstein.

Till Lindemann probably already knew the model

Lindemann and the model reportedly met in Düsseldorf. when? Only two of them know.

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But now a photo has emerged showing Joelle Marie at a Rammstein concert in Denmark in 2022. There she is standing with a group of female fans.

The band stopped at Ceres Park in Aarhus, Denmark on June 22, 2022. The hall was sold out. The model was there, traveling specifically to Scandinavia.

The shot was clearly taken in the front area of ​​the hall. In the controversial “Zero Row”.

Joelle Marie Jarach is back right. She wears her hair open and a black shirt. – Instagram/eluvian.official

We remember: It is precisely from this area that women are said to have been “recruited” for after-show parties in the past.

As the newspaper claimed to have learned, model Lindemann was said to have been invited to “Row Zero” by Alena Makeeva. The singer and Joel Marie may not have had any personal contact at the time.

They are said to have met only months later.

Who was Alina Makeeva? For years she was considered Till Lindemann's girlfriend. It is said that he selected and addressed female fans before concerts.

Not much is known about the singer's personal life. It is known that he became a father for the first time at the age of 22 years. Daughter Nellie (38) gave birth to baby boy Fritz (now 15) in 2008.

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Instagram / @max_metal_official – Rammstein band member Christoph Schneider burst into tears at the first concert after the scandals.

Lindemann also has another daughter, Marie-Louise (age 30), and a son about whom nothing is known.

The fact that Till Lindemann likes younger women is nothing new. His last public relationship was with Sofia Tomala. When the two met, the broadcaster was only 22 years old and Lindemann was already 48 years old.