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His girlfriend Christina moves to Switzerland for him

His girlfriend Christina moves to Switzerland for him

It’s official: Luca Hani and Christina Luft are moving in together! The dancer will go to Bern for her loved ones.

The basics in brief

  • Luca Hani and Christina Luft have been married since last summer.
  • They have a long-distance relationship: the singer lives in Bern and the dancer lives in Cologne.
  • Now it is clear that they want to take the next step – in Bern!

It has been speculated for weeks whether the lovebirds Luca Hänni (26) and Christina Luft (31) were We are moving soon. Now the dancer has a question-and-answer session Instagram Rumors confirmed: she will move to Switzerland!

“Yes… I will move.”

A follower of Christina asked “Are you looking for a home in Germany or Switzerland?” “Yes… I will move on,” the 31-year-old reveals with a kiss photo of her and the singer.

The good news gives her several heart and kiss emojis. Luca Haney seems happy too: he’s sharing the news on his Insta story, with two hearts.

Luca Hanni grew up in Bern

And the two obviously also agree on exactly where they’re headed: “In the beautiful Switzerland of the Bernese region,” Christina explains. This choice is not surprising, because Luca Haney grew up in Uettendorf near Thun. And he has a girlfriend On different visits Show the most beautiful places in his homeland.

Until then, Christina will remain in Germany. “I still have my flat currently in Cologne until we finally get the perfect little house,” she explains.

After that, she also made it clear that she would continue to do so “let’s go dancing” can participate. “We are all going out The most varied angles. And then I will come either from Cologne or Bern.”

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