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His ex-wife is in love recently

His ex-wife is in love recently

Seven months after officially splitting from kicker Manuel Neuer, it appears that Nina Neuer has been in a new state of love.

The basics in brief

  • Nina Noir shows herself again for the first time in public with a man by her side.
  • Apparently she broke out between her and The Bird Show Jean-Philippe Witcher.

On a horse – he must have hit those two!

And now it seems that everyone is allowed to know: it broke out between Nina Noir (28) and Jean-Philippe Witcher (31). the proof? Hand over new lovebirds themselves.

I be birthday Show contestant Jean-Philippe posted a sweet kiss photo on his photo Instagram-page.

In a video clip, he takes the ex-lover from him kicker Manuel Neuer (35) hand in hand and kiss her birthday. He wrote, “Happy Birthday, my heart.”

Show jumping will be Nina’s first official partner since her divorce Manuel Neuer Seven months ago. The former couple were married from 2017 to 2020.

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