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His big birthday is a big problem for him

His big birthday is a big problem for him

Britain's Prince Harry celebrates his 40th birthday in September and may face some challenges… at least that's what royal expert Tom Quinn thinks.

Harry will spend his special day with his wife, Meghan Markle, 42, and their children, Archie, 5, and Lilibet, 2. The young family has been living in the luxurious city of Montecito, California, for four years.

BUT: It is possible that he still wants to celebrate with other family members. And that's exactly what Quinn says could lead to problems.

Prince Harry is close friends with his cousins ​​Princess Beatrice, 35, and Princess Eugenie, 34. Expert Tom Quinn told the Mirror: “If important members of the royal family attend Harry’s 40th birthday, it will be Beatrice and Eugenie. But that's a problem for Harry.”

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The royal leaker would certainly like to have his cousins ​​there, “but it would draw the line for Prince Andrew.” This could “hurt” his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

Prince Andrew (64) has been hidden from the public for years due to his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein abuse scandal (†66). After a failed interview with the BBC, Harry's uncle lost his honorary title and no longer appears on behalf of the royal family.

Aside from Eugenie and Beatrice, Prince Harry no longer has much contact with his family in England. In 2020, the royal son and his wife, Meghan, decided to leave the royal family.

They moved to California with their two children. Since then they have been trying to build a life there. The two have a contract with streaming giant Netflix.

According to British media, Prince Harry never visited his sick sister-in-law. On his 40th birthday, the King is likely waiting in vain for warm congratulations from William and Kate.