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Hildisrieder SV: 1st place defended!

Hildisrieder SV: 1st place defended!

HSV qualified with a 2:1 away win over Emmen in the promotion round in the spring of 2022. In addition, Hildisrieden remains in pole position.

The tension before confronting Ayman was very high between the technical staff and the players. Although HSV established itself as the top team in Group 4 from the start, conceding a single defeat, the constellation remained incredibly exciting in two rounds before qualifying for the promotion round expired. As leader, HSV was only separated by two points from sixth place. Thus, victory is an absolute necessity, so as not to get into trouble in the final against Obergeissenstein. Even for Emmen, who was previously underdeveloped, it was necessary to get three points in order to continue dreaming of a tour of the ascent. A diverse, intense and fast-paced game has been developed between the two attack-oriented teams

Just three minutes later, goalkeeper Betschart was in focus for the first time when a ball slipped off his legs due to his nervousness. This should have been the last doubt for the HSV goalkeeper for the entire match. On the other hand, SCE goalkeeper Ruth had to run hard when he managed to get one last attempt by Ineichen with his fingertips from the bottom corner. SC Emmen knew how to please with a fun combination game. At the tenth minute, a sharp cross flew over the HSV housing. After a corner kick, a player from the home team misses his head only by inches. Emmen was closer to the opening goal in the first stage, with HSV also barely holding on to its last two attempts.

In the deep terrain, some balls jumped in unexpected directions at times, making a well-prepared game possible only to a limited extent. However, speaking of the two teams, spectators saw kind of above average in the fourth division match. You haven’t given yourself a meter, but the game is always very fair. There was no frantic activity on the pitch nor on the bench. However, in certain cases, the referee drew a yellow card relatively quickly. Both teams neutralized each other in midfield by the first half. There were no more opportunities to be surprised. A goalless draw matched the course of the match and none of the teams were unhappy with the performance shown so far. Hildesriden got off to a better start in the second round. They were now steadfastly looking for the opening goal, but failed for the time being due to Ayman’s stable defense.

The same picture on the other side. Likewise, the HSV defense with Hüsler excelling and Villiger in the middle left few chances. A strange scene in the seventieth minute. A player from Emmen fell close to the penalty area, the ball rolled to another player in SCE, who completed from 20 meters, but the shot fell well over the goal. It seems the work is done. Just seconds later, the referee pointed to the penalty point. That came as a relative surprise to everyone involved. The situation could not be resolved 100% and there might have already been a connection in the previous duel. The HSV team held off on protests, as they didn’t want to lose focus on the game, and because of the realistic decision, nothing was needed anyway. Betschart saved the penalty and then the second attempt with a thrilling reaction. Since the HSV players were all mentally asleep during this procedure, the Emmen player hit the net on the third attempt. Annoying, because a more consistent intervention would have prevented the target, especially since Beechart blocked twice.

Meanwhile, HSV has switched pace again, pushing and pushing Emmen more and more into his own half. Wiki hit the undefensible leather in the net after a corner kick to equalize. A player from Emmen received a second yellow card which resulted in him being sent off. It is a very difficult decision. Just five minutes later, the referee pointed the penalty spot at Emin. Schmid was stopped by the goalkeeper who lunged out after a brave solo run into the penalty area. A controversial decision and here, too, there may be no final ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Wiki used his due penalty kick to lead 2-1. With one man less, Emmen again tried to create danger, but stumbled on HSV’s stable defense.

HSV victory is fine. However, it looked like a draw for a longer period of time, and this would have been enough for HSV, due to many surprises in the other encounters, but with the win the win remains at the top. The mood at HSV after the match was happy in return. “We won in a strong group. I am very satisfied. Tired captain Sylvain Ination said after the match, “The boys did really well. The qualification is in the bag. It remains to be seen what to expect from the team’s future and where it will lead the track. At the end of the preliminary round, HSV will meet runner-up SC Obergeissenstein. In light of this confrontation Senior, coach Bouchard will surely give some players a well-deserved opportunity to present themselves in the starting line-up.

Telegram FC Emmen II – Healdsrider SV 1:2 (0:0)
field width immin; 95 spectators.
Goals: 70 Iman 1-0, 75 Wiki 1: 1, 80 Wiki 1: 2.
Emin: Ruth; Stoyanov, Ignition, Gomez, Nasser, Loescher, Koss, Itlin, Zoronjic, John, Kong (Makor, Barbars, T. Lecher, Kristarak, Reza, Hussein, Loman).
HSV: Betschart; S. Ineichen, J. Villiger, Hüsler, Schmid, Contreras, Burri, Wiederkehr, Wicki, F. Ruckli, A. Ineichen (N. Villiger, Krieger, Röösli, S. Ruckli).