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Highlight of the day – afternoon nap!

Highlight of the day – afternoon nap!

Stephanie Berger has two sons to take care of. She is also an entrepreneur. Highlight of the day? afternoon nap!

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Instagram / @st_berger – Stephanie Berger once again shows the naked truth about her life and being a mother.

The basics in a nutshell

  • The former Miss Stephanie Berger has two children (1 and 13 years old).
  • She is a single mother.

The eternal theme: healthy and adequate sleep! As always, businesswoman and mother of two Stephanie Berger (45) seems to be far from it.

“Blame? Her one-year-old son Maximilian, the job and life and anyway…

Stephanie Berger enjoys her afternoon nap with her son. -Instagram

“To all the moms out there,” Stephanie Berger begins her current Instagram video. “I have a feeling we’ve already completed the entire program for the day,” Berger groans shortly after eleven.

She doesn’t want to go to the inside lanes. She also had trouble knowing what to cook for lunch. “We barely had lunch while I was waiting for the little one to sleep,” the successful businessman reveals.

Stephanie Berger is sleep deprived

Sometimes a single mother doesn’t clean the kitchen so she can make every minute of sleep count. “The way I look now is how I feel!”

Former Miss Stephanie Berger regularly creates buzz on her Instagram channel. Sometimes with statements about themselves, sometimes with statements about their children or life in general.

Recently it was also about his son Maximilian. He was teething. “I’m so tired,” Stephanie Berger began her video at the time. “My baby, as cute as he is, is teething.”

Berger will have a “full understanding” of this. But then she says: “The last three nights were hell. I hardly slept because he was in pain all the time.”

Stephanie Berger’s son is in a constant state of complaint

According to her, her son Maximilian would be in a constant state of nagging. “I think it’s noise pollution. That’s a little draining. But once you get out of the complaining phase, you move on to the next problem. This time: set boundaries!”

Opinion poll

Do your children make your daily life too stressful?

“I spent a week detoxing and it was hard,” the powerful mama begins her video.

After nearly a year and a half of sleep deprivation, Stephanie Berger has now reached the point where she no longer can. “It’s over now,” said the former Miss sternly.

“I can’t raise two kids, be there 100% for my clients, or perform on stage.”

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instagram/st_berger – Stephanie Berger is once again speaking openly and frankly about her private life.

In addition, she cannot claim to be healthy at the same time. To train and do all the things she wanted.

Families with a mother and father already notice that balancing career and family is not easy. Berger has been a single parent since this summer.

It was said at the time that the two parted “amicably.” “We remain parents and take loving care of our baby Max,” she stresses.