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Highest incidence in Berlin: the Corona Neukölln phenomenon |  regional

Highest incidence in Berlin: the Corona Neukölln phenomenon | regional

There is no place in Berlin where the value of infection is as high as this area. In BILD, Medical Officer Dr. Nikolai Savaskan reasons for this.

When looking at a map of Berlin, it is noticed that the number of Corona is increasing everywhere, but the virus is spreading more strongly in some areas than in others. The infection value in Neukölln was the highest in Berlin on Thursday at 206.4, while much fewer cases were reported in the neighboring Treptow-Köpenick district, 92.1.

Where do these big differences come from?

BILD discussed this with Neukolln Medical Officer Dr. Speaking by Nikolai Savascan (47). It gives several reasons for the different numbers. “Unlike other regions, our Ministry of Health has the full support of the district office and is totally focused on combating epidemics.”

The result: more tests, and therefore more positive cases. Thus, the other functions of the Ministry of Health will remain. “For example, we had to shut down the area of ​​environmental medicine completely.”

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Dr. Nikolai Savascan

Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa

The socio-economic situation is also special. For example, there are many more recipients of transfer payments, and at the same time, there is a young, mobile international generation. “We had the first cases of the British and South African variants in Berlin.”

These are not citizens of the well-established Neukölln neighborhood, but are very mobile EU citizens or British living in Neukölln. Many people also live in shared apartments.