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Here Luca Hani works at home

Here Luca Hani works at home

Luca Hanni recently became a homeowner. Sometimes you have to do it yourself. He said and did…

Luca Hanni inspires on stage and in construction. – Instagram / @lucahaenni1


The basics in brief

  • Luca Hanni is back in the construction phase.
  • But only for a short while – the stage will bring him back at the weekend.

What a hardworking home builder…

Apparently Luca Haney (27) and his future fiancée’s house are moving forward! The successful singer appeared for him Social media channel, how busy he is at work. where exactly? Of course, Hänni did not disclose it.

But he and his fiancée Christina Luft, 32, have been proud owners of a home in the beautiful Bernese countryside for a few months now. And this now has to take shape.

He said and did! Schwups Hänni replaced the microphone with the hammer and offered his own hand. Ironically, he noticed briefly that during his bricklaying apprenticeship he must be with a peers Tool stole. Oops…

“I say it as it is,” says Luca Haney. “(…) I BelieveI stole Marco G’s hammer during my internship. I’m sorry,” Luca continued before he could stop himself from laughing.

Are you also good with your hands?

Then the singer admits in his pass how much fun it is to do manual labor. “I’m really enjoying it and will be back on stage on Saturday,” Luca says. “It would also be great, but I think it’s really cool now. It perfectly balances me out.”

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