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Here he shines without Megan and the kids!

Here he shines without Megan and the kids!

Prince Harry is in a good mood at the Polo Tournament. He left his wife Megan and children at home. But there are criticisms for another reason.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry has not appeared in public since Lillipet’s birth.
  • Now he’s making his comeback at polo in Colorado.
  • The regal appearance in the Rockies is viewed critically.

back to work! For the first time since the birth of his daughter Lillipet (2 months), Prince Harry, 36, has appeared in public. On Thursday, the Scandal Royal appeared on horseback at the Charity Polo Tournament in Colorado.

For a good cause he earns the equivalent of more than three million Franken – to fight against AIDS. Pictures prove: Harry has a lot of fun at the tournament. And for once without his wife Meghan Markle (40) Going out at home with children.

The redhead is beaming with the Argentine polo player, for example nacho Figueres (44). “I’m lucky…” he then exclaims to Prince Harry, “…to be able to accompany you on your mission: to make the world a better place for people who aren’t as lucky as us.”

Furthermore: “Your commitment and passion to deliver something is what inspires me.”

Loud criticism of Prince Harry

However, there are less favorable reviews from the angle of royal experts. According to British media, the Duke of Sussex was said to have flown to Colorado in a private jet that only had 20 seats.

This is despite the fact that Harry likes to present himself as an environmental prince. He did it recently Climate change as one of the “most pressing problems facing society”.

“Harry seems to want to teach the rest of the world, while his own behavior doesn’t matter,” royal author Tom Quinn said in the Daily Mail.

Would you also like to sit on a private jet?

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