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Here Ex Tomaso is digging into the next stage

Here Ex Tomaso is digging into the next stage

Little flirting? can not hurt. Michel Hunziker’s estranged husband could also have believed this.

The basics in brief

  • Michelle Hunziker enjoying the sun from afar.
  • Her husband Tommaso’s temperament seems to be flirtatious.

Well, what if the friend request is actually over?

While Michelle Hunziker (45 years old) is having a good time in the sunny Maldives, her husband is in a pleasant mood.

And the object of desire is very similar to the previous thing: blond hair, firm body, successful in the job.

Tommaso Trussardi, 38, was seen with a friend at a bar. So far, very normal. But the paparazzi allowed themselves to take pictures on Trussardi’s cell phone.

You could see the beautiful blonde Greta Tosi. According to eyewitnesses, Trussardi and the model must have had a short form chat allowed. How high are the chances of love between them? One thing’s for sure: Spring (and its butterflies) is fast approaching…

Michelle Hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi officially separated earlier this year after ten years of dating. The two have two daughters together, Sole (8) and Celeste (6).

Soon after the separation, Trussardi enjoyed his newfound freedom. With Carlotta DeVoto (age unknown) he was in a good mood during a skiing holiday.

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