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Here are the consequences of her cancer treatment

Here are the consequences of her cancer treatment

Sonya Krause recently announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Medium hair is falling out as a result of chemotherapy. But she takes it with a sense of humor.

Sonia Krause reveals her appearance without a wig on Instagram. Instagram / @soniakraus

The basics in brief

  • Sonia Krause has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • The announcer had to remove her breasts.
  • Now on Instagram are the consequences of aggressive chemotherapy.

Hard Times for German Presenter Sonia Krause (48)! A few weeks ago, the cult blonde revealed that she had breast cancer. Now she is giving an update.

On Instagram reveal 48 yearsHer hair has become thinner and thinner as a result of chemotherapy and is gradually falling out. Your scalp hair mass has now decreased to only 20%. “There isn’t much left,” Krause says.

But this does not get rid of the happy nature. “It doesn’t bother me at all, hand in hand (…) you shouldn’t let that discourage you – it just grows back!”

To hide his thin hair Sonia Krause Now he is fond of wigs. “I love wigs! Why didn’t I think of that before? Laughing at the camera.

Since then, styling takes only 20 seconds instead of an entire hour.

Earlier this year, Krause announced that she had both breasts removed due to a tumor. She told her story publicly to encourage others.

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