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Here, a motorized car drives away from a confused police officer

Here, a motorized car drives away from a confused police officer

Recently in San Francisco…Screenshot: Twitter

04/11/2022, 09:0704/11/2022 at 12:31 PM

Imagine that you want to stop a car at a traffic stop because of a possibly faulty light, but no one is behind the wheel. And when you get close to the car, it flies away as if controlled by an invisible hand. This is what happened to a patrol officer in San Francisco recently.

It is, of course, a self-driving car belonging to the fleet of automated taxis of the US company Cruise.

There is no summons

via Twitter He told Cruz that the driver’s car had avoided the police car and then stopped as indicated at the next safe place for traffic to stop. “An officer called the cruise crew and no summons was issued.”

On the 1st of April in Instagram Posted a video, the cruise car first goes to the side of the road and stops. When an officer approaches from the driver’s side, she suddenly accelerates again to get past an intersection and then continues to roll down the street.

Cruz told CNBC that the San Francisco Police Department has a special phone number that officers can call when the company’s self-driving vehicles stop.

Sea trip, a subsidiary of General Motors (GM), began offering overnight rides in driverless cars to the public in San Francisco earlier this year. At the moment, no fees are charged and there is a waiting list for those interested.

Note: at Youtube The company explains what patrol officers and other “first responders” need to know when they encounter a car driving autonomously on the road.



Self-driving cars – you need to know it


Self-driving cars – you need to know it

Source: ap / waymo / julia wang

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