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Helicopter shots: There’s a lot of Switzerland in the cinema that hit “Oppenheimer”

Helicopter shots: There’s a lot of Switzerland in the cinema that hit “Oppenheimer”

Other things to see in Oppenheimer include: Einsiedeln Abbey.

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There is also a small piece of Switzerland in a cinema that hit “Oppenheimer”. In addition to Einsiedeln Abbey and Grossmünsterplatz, the University of Zurich can also be seen – although Oppenheimer studied at the ETH.

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  • And in the hit cinema “Oppenheimer”, some scenes were filmed in Switzerland.
  • You can see the Einsiedeln Abbey, the University of Zurich and Grossmünsterplatz.
  • A company from the canton of Schwyz carried out missions with a helicopter and a special camera for aerial photos.

Currently, “Oppenheimer” attracts moviegoers all over the world. What many do not suspect: some successful movie scenes were filmed in Switzerland. Among other things, aerial photographs of the Einsiedeln Abbey, the University of Zurich and Grossmünsterplatz can be found in the “Oppenheimer”. First he had “The Messenger of Urschwyz” I mentioned about it.

Fuchs Helikopter AG from Schindellegi in canton Schwyz was responsible for the scenes for the film.

At first, you didn’t even know what movie it was, says company owner Robert Stockmeyer “Scenery”. He was only asked if the required camera could be attached to a helicopter.

Several expeditions had to be made for the recordings in the unusual IMAX format. According to Stokmaier, 70mm film in 16:9 format provides a particularly large amount of information. But only a few minutes can be photographed at a time, says Stokmaier and reports: “We were lucky with the weather, so we were able to take all the photos in one day.”

For the filming, Stokmaier also flew over Lake Sihl, as he explained, but mainly in the Lake Zurich and Einsiedeln area.

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Irishman Cillian Murphy took on one of the greatest scientists of all time. The actor shines with a restrained performance – aided by countless world stars.


The company flew over Geneva for “Black Bath 2,” and the movie was also shot in Morocco and Croatia.

As Blick notes, its makers made a mistake when cutting. Because Oppenheimer studied at the ETH in Zurich, but aerial photographs of the University of Zurich were chosen for the film. The two buildings are next to each other.

There are no indoor shots of the university. “With the exception of aerial photos, there was no photography on university campuses,” the University of Zurich told Blake. The hype around the film has not yet been noticed among students: “There is no rush for physics courses.”