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Helene Fischer: Spectators catch their breath in Bremen

It is one of the most impressive tours in a long time. Helen Fisher will have performed 70 concerts when the “Rausch Tour” ends in October 2023. Tens of thousands of fans will see the hit queen, many of them multiple times. But it’s not just the numbers that are impressive.

The willpower displayed by the 38-year-old is also impressive. If Helen Fisher broke her rib shortly before the start of the tour, then she was on stage a few days later. And she did not spare herself, as the German pop-song star proved once again at her concert in Bremen.

Helen Fischer inspires in Bremen

She ripped thirty songs in about three hours on Wednesday night in front of some 10,500 spectators at the ÖVB Arena in Bremen, Weser Kurier wrote. And not just like that, but with full physical exertion.

+++ Helene Fischer: “There is no abstraction here” +++

Because, as a North German newspaper writes, Helene has already competed with professional acrobats from Cirque du Soleil. They floated impressively through the air on rings, ladders, and star formations, and turned through red clothes and lamps. One even flew around his knot. But Helen Fisher really caught your breath when she threw herself off a jumping mat onto a trapeze, where an artist grabbed her by her feet and spun around,” says Weather Courier.

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