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Helen Fisher’s performance of “Wetten,dass..?”  Reaches a milestone

Helen Fisher’s performance of “Wetten,dass..?” Reaches a milestone

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Although many viewers of “Wetten, dass..?” They were disappointed by the power duo of Helen Fisher and Shireen David, but the two are polarizing. This is especially proven by taking a look at YouTube.

Offenburg – November 25, 2023 will go down in television history – for several reasons. On the other hand, Thomas Gottschalk (73 years old) finally said goodbye to his hit show “Wetten, dass..?” After 36 years. On the other hand, Helen Fischer (39 years old) presented a new version of her successful song “Atemlos durch die Nacht,” which she released ten years ago and now stars with rapper Sherine David (28 years old). Her appearance caused divided opinions among viewers, but she received great attention on YouTube.

Helen Fisher and Sherine David: Discussions about the new version of the song

Many people on social networks criticized that the experienced musicians did not sing live, but only performed with full playback. Aside from the fact that the duet itself is also seen as controversial: while some believe that David’s rap breaks are ruining the success of Helen Fisher, others celebrate the contemporary update of “Atemlos”.

There was also praise for the performances the two women delivered in bright, eye-catching outfits. However, one thing’s for sure: the look will still be a topic of conversation for days afterward — and veritable click logs.

More than a million clicks within 24 hours for “Breathless”

As reported by, among others, the clip “Wetten,dass..?” With Fisher and David has already been viewed more than a million times in 24 hours. On Monday morning there were already more than 1.2 million views. Many people have already tried their hand at television appearances – more than twelve million viewers tuned in to the recent show “Wetten,dass..?” With Thomas Gottschalk as presenter.

Helen Fisher and Sherine David in a movie
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Although the singing duo is controversial, it is clear that interest is high even after the broadcast. The show’s exchange of blows also caused a stir: Sherine had David Thomas Gottschalk appear with a feminist slogan on “Wetten, dass..?”. Sources used: