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Helen Fisher exposed to harassment by fans on the plane!

Helen Fisher exposed to harassment by fans on the plane!

This act is a slap in the face to Helen Fisher. Intrusive fans spoil the journey of the pregnant singer.

The basics in brief

  • Helen Fisher is six or seven months pregnant.
  • The pop singer doesn’t want to brag about breastfeeding her baby.
  • Now avid fans still want to take a look at it.

This incident leaves the “breathtaking” singer speechless. On a flight from Berlin to Cologne, Schlagerquin Helen Fischer, 37, was harassed by prying fans. This was reported by the Austrian news portal “Heute”.

Apparently fans were eager for Fisher’s baby bump!

According to informed sources, infantry partner Thomas Settle (36 years old) is already in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. So the belly should already be visible, and a photo of it can enter thousands of business fans Franken Bring him inside.

Helen Fisher insists on privacy

For Helen Fisher, the actions of her fans are tantamount to betrayal. The beautiful German with Russian roots really wants to enjoy the happiness of pregnancy alone.

As acquaintances without her consent Pregnancy Fisher wrote ugly in the media Instagram: “Unfortunately, a message was revealed that we wanted to keep ourselves a little bit private.”

And the singer shared a terrible fear that has now come true: “Now you will Chase Go for us.” Fisher pleaded for their right to privacy.

Do you want to become famous?

In fact, her fans are currently getting their money’s worth even without the pictures of baby bumps. Helen Fischer didn’t release her new album “Rausch” until Friday. And on Saturday evening I was awarded in one go ZDFVision documents.

At the beginning of November at the latest, the happiness of the pregnant woman can finally be seen alive and colorful. In Thomas Gottschalk (71) “Wetten, dass…?” Come back, you’ll sit on the couch. In fact, the top of the chart only wanted to announce its good news next.

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