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Helen Fisher: Dumping the Band Members – “I Have to Confess”

Helen Fisher: Dumping the Band Members – “I Have to Confess”

One concert is currently seeking a follow-up to the next: Helene Fischer is on a big tour in Germany. The famous star will be released in many cities by October 2023 and even play it several times. Along with the “Cirque du Soleil”, Helen, in addition to the singing component, also provides acrobatics to enthusiastic fans.

For months, Helen Fisher and her team prepared for the big tour. In addition to the artists, the band is of course also very important. Guitarist Yassi Hofer is at every concert and now reveals what goes on behind the scenes with the megastar.

Helen Fisher: A band member tells a private moment

What must it be like to be on stage with Helen Fisher in front of thousands of people? Guitarist Yassi Hoover can sing a song about it. In an interview with “Schwäbischne Zeitung” she now revealed: “It feels surreal, I must admit. In the moments when I’m sitting in the empty arena with my guitar at noon and looking forward to this gigantic stage or when I see photos and videos of the show on Instagram after the show, that’s when I realize How big is the whole thing.”

She also has a very definite favorite moment with the pop singer: “What I love most is her versatility and all that for three hours. My favorite moments are an acoustic set where we’re really close to the audience and I can see a lot of happy faces. And of course the outro with ‘Blitz,’ where I have A single and then I go out with Helene with a lot of pyro.”

This is how it works behind the scenes

Many fans would definitely like to play mouse for a behind-the-scenes look. But this is not necessary at all. Because now guitarist Helen Fisher reveals how it works off stage: “Like with good friends. We all have a lot of fun and do a lot together. The treatment is totally respectful. Lovely.”

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