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Helen Fisher chooses animal names for her little girl

Helen Fisher chooses animal names for her little girl

Animal Royal: Pop singer Helen Fisher (37) has chosen a very special name for her daughter, such as “picture” He writes. The inspiration was the classic Disney movie “The Lion King” (1994): the miniature Helene is supposed to be called Nala, just like the lion girl from the cartoon.

Because: Helen Fischer is a “huge Disney fan” as she said in December 2016. In 2013 and 2019, she even sang Disney tunes from “The Lion King” on the “Helene Fischer Show”. With the birth of her daughter Nala in early 2022, it seems that the dream has come true for the singer: together with her fiancé Thomas Settle (37), she has been able to realize her dream of starting a family of her own.

Nala is the girlfriend of the lion Simba, whose father, King Mufasa, was murdered by his deceitful brother, Scar. Years later, Simba and Nala got married and became the new royal couple. In Africa, not only has the first name Nala been popular since the classic movie, the newspaper writes. In Swahili it means “lioness, queen”. But also: “The Present” – more than appropriate for the first addition of the Fisher family to the family! (the chapter)