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Helen Fisher: Booing! That was her worst annoyance

Although she is one of the most popular and successful pop singers, has millions of fans and fills entire halls, Helen Fisher had a look that didn’t go as planned.

Helen Fisher: Shocked

A few weeks ago, Helen Fisher gave an interview to “DIE ZEIT” and remembered the performance. At one of the DFB Cup matches in 2017, she was supposed to appear in front of the football fans during the break and give a short concert. However, fans began to blew their whistles. They clearly didn’t like her performance at all!

Helen Fisher: How did you handle it?

“This did not allow me to sink into a deep hole, nor did I question myself. I was very lucky to sing live and wear in-ear headphones.” So I hardly noticed anything of the whistle party. In addition, she is professional and does not let failures go down. “I had skin so thick that he didn’t even touch me. I thought they would probably come to my concert in a few months,” the singer said softly. After the performance, there is still speculation about what it could be. The most plausible theory is that it was not due to Helen Fisher herself. “Then the background discovered that football fans simply didn’t want any marketing or entertainment,” Helen says happily. lucky!