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Helen Fisher: A mysterious ad on Instagram

What can fans expect?

Mysterious ad from Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher has just made the biggest appearance of her career – and she’s definitely a highlight for the successful Queen. The singer is now discreetly advertising another one and putting her fans in the mood for guesswork.


Helen Fischer completed the largest show of her life at the exhibition center in Munich.

130,000 people made the pilgrimage to Munich last Saturday to watch hit queen Helen Fischer, 38, live. The huge ceremony went fairly cleanly across the huge stage. Heavy rain, organizational chaos and VIP frustration overshadowed the event. Regardless, Fisher made his way from point to point.

Perched high above the stage on a wire rope, her ex-partner Florian Silberezen, 41, made an unusual declaration of love to her friend Thomas Settle (37) on stage. “The next song is called ‘Hand in Hand’ and yes: I’ve found my soul mate and I’m so grateful for it.”