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Helen Fischer on Florian Silbereisen: 'Glad he was there'

Helen Fischer on Florian Silbereisen: ‘Glad he was there’

It was her big support during her first TV appearance: Helen Fisher In the documentary VOX she remembers the moment she was at Florian Silbereisen’s wedding “Wedding of the Folk music“She showed up – and grabbed the supervisor for help.

Helen Fisher was only 20 years old at the time. The aspiring pop singer hadn’t appeared on TV before that evening, so she was nervous. “My first TV appearance with Florian was very exciting for me‘, she says in the now-airing documentary. I had absolutely no idea how to present myself to the public, how to work with all these cameras. “Fortunately, yes Florian Celebrezen Next to you.

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Helen Fisher: “I stuck with it”

Her future partner provided her with all the support and support she needed. I stuck with it a little bit,” said the 37-year-old Fisher. “I was so happy that he was by my side and that we played it so playfully together.” The audience did not really notice the horror of the theater at the time. They were anyway He is distracted by the look of the partner in which Fischer and Celebrity introduced themselves.

Silbereisen wore a cream jumpsuit, his shirt and tie matched with Fisher’s dress. She still cares about her orange dress: “This was my first dress designed to fit my body.”

Helen Fisher: She is very popular among her colleagues!