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Heiligenhaus: Evangelical youth rows to second place

Heiligenhaus: Evangelical youth rows to second place

Heiligenhaus / Mulheim.
It was full of dysentery on a Saturday in the neighboring city of Mülheim. The evangelical youth of Heiligenhauser managed to take second place.

It’s a well-established tradition for the people of Mülheim: the Ruhr was full again on Saturday, and Evangelische Jugend Heiligenhaus was there for the first time, who not only rowed in front of a WAZ photographer’s lens, but also managed to take second place.

Heiligenhauser participates for the first time in the Mülheim tradition

“I came from Mulheim and grew up with this event,” says Michaela Rohr. She is a youth worker for the evangelical community of Heiligenhaus and was able to directly motivate a group of children aged 8 to 11 and their parents to participate in the raft race. They built the raft themselves over a weekend and several days, “that was very little work,” she says.

Then they disembarked in the Ruhr on a raft from Deakin am Dam to Wasserbahnhof and Schleuseninsel. “The race always has a motto, and at the end the winners are awarded prizes – and we were able to get second place straight away,” Rohr says happily. Nothing happens without a raft was the slogan this year. Anyway, everyone involved had a lot of fun: “Of course, the water pistols were on board, but the kids could also swim in the Ruhr, and they were all wearing life jackets, and that was a whole new experience for them.” It is definitely a need for repetition.

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