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Heidi Klum settles with 'disrespectful' candidate

Heidi Klum settles with ‘disrespectful’ candidate

This was not the case with “GNTM”! After the makeover, one of the candidates changed her appearance – without the consent of the mother, model Heidi Klum.

The basics in brief

  • The improvements in ‘GNTM’ made quite a stir again this year.
  • Candidate Jasmine has a real expensive wig.
  • For this she received a huge reprimand from her model mother.

Snap, snap, hair!

It’s time again – in ‘GNTM’. Notorious Transformation instead of. But one of the candidates was not satisfied with her new appearance. On her own, she then allowed her hair to be cut again – much to the chagrin of model Heidi Klum, 48.

Beautiful long hair is actually the dream of many girls. But this is not the case for the candidate, Yasmine (23). Top Model Competitor I got an expensive human hair wig to change the type.

However, she found herself: the hair is clearly too long. Once the plastic surgery was over, I asked Heidi’s stylist to shorten the wig in a full piece.

GNTM jury member Heidi Klum: “This is ridiculous!”

This did not go unnoticed during the judicial process. Heidi immediately confronts the young model: Jasmine, what about your hair? Where is the hair we put on you yesterday? “

I let her wig lengthen deliberately. Suddenly there were nearly 30cms missing, the juror was shocked to say. “I find that very disrespectful!” Heidi scolded.

Results? jasmine They should pack their bags and go. The reason for this is poor performance and not a wig disaster. Heidi says in conclusion, although she finds it “very bad at German”.

Do you watch “GNTM”?

But not only for Jasmine, the model dream ended in yesterday’s episode. also for Grandma Barbara Model (68) did not make it to the next round.

But she takes it calmly: “I’m grateful and happy that I was able to stay there for so long.”

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