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Heidi Klum poses with a goldfish on the red carpet

Quirky handbag

Heidi Klum poses with a goldfish on the red carpet

Crazy looks are not uncommon for Heidi Klum. Now the model has upped the ante with an animal accessory.


At the Fashion Trust Awards, Heidi Klum, 49, caught everyone’s attention with her outfit.

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  • Heidi Klum is known for making a statement with her looks.

  • The 49-year-old ventures out onto the red carpet at the Fashion Trust Awards with a potted goldfish including residents.

  • But animal rights activists can rest easy: The fish is fake.

Supermodel mom Heidi Klum isn’t afraid to experiment with crazy looks. Recently, opinions were divided on the net with a sparkly dress designed by Kevin Germaniere from Valais (31).. The outfit the 49-year-old wore to the Golden Globes was even called the ugliest red carpet look by some media outlets. And with her crazy Halloween costumes, German always gets people talking. Last year, she showed herself as an earthworm alongside her husband, Tom Kaulitz, 33, Disguised as a hunter. With a current look, Heidi dares to twist back into the animal world.

For the Fashion Trust Awards, the model wore a dress by newcomer Kate Barton. In doing so, she adapted the theme of the show, which aims to promote young American design talent. The shimmering silver dress wasn’t the highlight of the evening. The bag caused more grimaces. Instead of the classic bag, a bowl of goldfish including the inhabitants hung on Heidi’s arm.

Heidi Klum is not addicted to animals

The accessory was also designed by Kate Barton. Heidi was visibly excited about the crazy part and put it out on the carpet and on her Instagram account. The animal bag was also well received by other guests, such as model Alessandra Ambrosio (41 years old). In one of the photos, the two are posing with the goldfish and kissing. Anyone worried about the animal can rest easy. The fish is not real, but it was very well imitated.

Since Heidi Klum has been shutting down comments on her Instagram account for some time, it’s not clear how her fans will receive the animal look. However, the fashion community on Twitter is excited about the “sweet bag.” Many users praise the German for never being afraid of crazy outfits.

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