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Heidi Klum destroys vodka stocks above the clouds

Heidi Klum destroys vodka stocks above the clouds

Heidi Klum allowed her to appear on a business class flight – with vodka and her son-in-law Bill Kaulitz.

The basics in brief

  • Heidi Klum seems to be handling it happily above the clouds.
  • She and her husband, Bill, enjoyed copious amounts of vodka.

One for take off, one for landing and all the others for any inconveniences in between!

Heidi Klum, 48, doesn’t seem to be fond of flying. Because as it now turns out, the top model is just too happy to have a drink above the clouds to quell the potential fear of flying.

This was reported on her husband Tom and his brother’s podcast Bill Kaulitz (Both 32). In «Kulitz Hills – Mustard came out Hollywood» One fan revealed the following.

My girlfriend ordered you guys (Bill, Tom, Heidi and the dogs) after the last one GNTMA final care on board your flight in Business Class.

Bell continues: “She said Bill and Heidi drank all the vodka and then there was no more vodka on the flight.”

Bell also confirms, “I still remember exactly what they said all of a sudden, Mrs. Kaulitz, Mr. Kaulitz, unfortunately we don’t have any vodka anymore.”

Then what happened after a lively tour: Heidi Klum got hungry and ordered asparagus.

“Heidi was really hungry then and said I wanted another asparagus,” Bell says. Then bye!

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