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Heidi Klum attends Formula 1 races and leaves her bra at home

Heidi Klum attends Formula 1 races and leaves her bra at home

Heidi Klum is actually associated with major fashion events like the Victoria’s Secret Show or her management of GNTM. But in her private life, the 50-year-old also loves going to sporting events. Now she has made a trip to the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas. Her appearance raised some questions.

It’s no longer a secret that Heidi Klum loves to reveal. In the past, she has repeatedly made a name for herself with hot snaps on her Instagram channel (about 11.7 million followers). And now she has made a hot appearance as well.

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Heidi Klum dared to go to a Formula 1 race

Heidi Klum paid a visit to the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas, and shared several videos and impressions from her trip at the racetrack — and one thing in particular caught the eye: her supermodel mom’s outfit!

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In several videos and photos that Heidi Klum shared on her personal social media page, the blonde appeared wearing black fishnet stockings. She pairs it with over the knee boots and a black bag. Above, Tokio Hotel’s Tom Kaulitz’s wife wears a long black leather shirt, wearing it open – but isn’t something missing?

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Heidi Klum shows her breasts

Well, is Heidi Klum not wearing anything under her open leather shirt? From the looks of it, she left her bra at home. Her breasts give “Hans” and “Franz,” as she once called them, fresh air. Oh, so bold. But Heidi Klum can wear anything.

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By the way, world champion Max Verstappen won the race. The Red Bull driver was victorious and tied with former driver Sebastian Vettel on the all-time list.