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Heidi Klum and Tom are causing a stir with their strange diet

Heidi Klum and Tom are causing a stir with their strange diet

As a gorgeous model, Heidi Klum used to follow a strict diet. But husband Tom Kaulitz had to wrestle with it, as he now reveals.

The basics in brief

  • Heidi and Tom undergo fasting treatment.
  • This means: no solid food – only certain juices.
  • The drummer’s stomach still had to get used to it…

They both must remember this evening!

Heidi Klum (48) and her girlfriend’s schedule Tom Kaulitz (32) You couldn’t have been more assertive last week. top model and The drummer rushed from one event to another.

Meanwhile, of all things, the two of them initiated the “Master Cleansing System”. What is meant by this? A fasting remedy in which you can drink only certain juices.

It was especially difficult for Tom, as he said on the podcast “Kaulitz – Senf aus HollywoodHe betrays his brother Bill (32). So it so happened that he fell ill even on iHeartRadio Music.

Heidi Klum and Tom: No eating!

“On the way back, I noticed that the beetroot juice was spurting. But I just got to us and vomited in the garden.” Girl’s face!

but also with green carpet fashion Her diet caused big eyes. After all, there’s always plenty to eat at these great occasions. Stupid only if you are not allowed to eat any of the delicious bites.

This was also noticed by their neighbors at the table, the Italo Måneskin band. “Your ass laughed about it. Heidi and I had to push food back and forth, and we didn’t eat anything because we weren’t allowed to. And it was hard because the food was great. We were starving,” laughs Tom.

Do you follow a strict diet?

this fantasy Bell also thinks it’s good to shoot: “They thought the model and rock star were totally in it.”

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