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Heidi Klum and GNTM receive a lot of criticism for the group's circumstances

Heidi Klum and GNTM receive a lot of criticism for the group’s circumstances

The 17th season of the German reality show “The Next German Supermodel” ended last Thursday – and now the show is under heavy criticism.

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Model mom Heidi Klum has always divided minds: while some love her, they can’t stand others. However, by showing the actors “Germany’s Best Model” season after season, she has secured high ratings on “ProSieben”.

The finale of the 17th season aired last Thursday – including a sentimental, quirky piano ballad alongside husband Tom Kaulitz.

on me Twitter He mostly enjoyed singing.

Criticism of her voice is probably the smallest problem for Heidi Klum, as previous candidates have commented publicly about the allegedly poor conditions on the set.

Viral Youtube video

Former model candidate Legana Kagua was one of Heidi’s “girls” in 2020. Two weeks ago she published in Youtube Video “The Next German Supermodel – What’s Really Happening Behind the Scenes?”.

The video begins with an announcement that she will breach the contractual confidentiality agreed with ProSieben.

She went from ‘I thought she (the other nominee) was good, so I think she’s going to go from ‘Tamara wasn’t very good at all’ this week, but I think she’s making progress. “

Legana Cagua

Then, in a 28-minute video, she talks about her experience on the set of a modeling shoot. She says her makers juggled interviews or cut scenes together. This puts it in a bad light.

“30 girls locked up, without a cell phone, without anything. Tension is inevitable.”

Legana Cagua

For example, the editors asked participants to repeat the suggestive question they had just asked. As a result, words were put into their mouths that they did not utter in this context. So the phrase “I thought she (the other candidate) was good, so I think she’ll keep going” becomes “Tamara hasn’t been good at all this week, but I think she’ll keep going.” “Thirty girls are locked up, without a cell phone, and without anything,” Kagwa explains. Stress is inevitable.

Kaggwa says she was portrayed as a prostitute to increase ratings. When the show aired, it was met with a wave of hate on the internet. As a result, she later suffered from depression and insomnia.

In addition, the models were not allowed to leave the house – neither shopping nor picnics, there was no coffee and the team gave the 30 women one bowl of strawberries so that they would have to fight for them.

More allegations

Since there were a lot of comments on her first video from other previous participants describing similar events, Kaggwa recorded a second. I uploaded the second video last Thursday, a few hours before the big “GNTM” finale. In the clip, she summarizes what eight other participants experienced It displays the posts of former candidates on social media.

Magda, for example, who was part of the actors show in 2020, tells in the “Tiktok” video how she got three sizes of shoes too small. So she fell while walking on the platform.

As previous post Natalie Falk shows. She claims Heidi Klum hit her when she pushed her in the pool. After that, she had to wait three days for a doctor to treat her. Here is the video of the fall of the pond:

Legal repercussions

ProSieben simply does not want to leave these claims in place. GNTM spokeswoman Tina Land gives to t-online To understand: “A total of 340 candidates were among the top 20 in GNTM to date. Some are making criticisms that we take seriously. Others – like Natalie Falk – have made baseless claims eight years later.” The announcer said that Kagwa and Falk Mail Obtained from «ProSieben».

Guenther Klum’s statement

Heidi’s father, Gunter Klum, reports On his website He explains: “GNTM was and remains an entertainment program intended to amuse the viewer. How does this happen? Through sorcery, arguments and through the wide range of stylistic devices used by the presenter – like any other television format -.” Klum’s father worked closely with The reality show ran for 13 years and signed several winners with his model agency ONEeins Fab.

GNTM Winners


GNTM Winners

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