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Heidelberg: a new place in Weststadt - News from Heidelberg

Heidelberg: a new place in Weststadt – News from Heidelberg

In the future, a square will also be built in the area between Bahnhofstrasse and Kurfürsten-Anlage. Pictured: Philip Roth

Written by Stephen Platt

Heidelberg. When the former Bauhaus area in Weststadt is redeveloped, a public square of approximately 2,000 square metres will also be created. For her design, five landscape architecture offices are set to submit designs across multiple committees. After the Municipal Council’s Urban Development and Construction Committee, the Weststadt District Advisory Board has now approved the mission text – and formulated additional points that must be included or identified.

In the middle of this year, Diringer construction company&Scheidel starts working. The area between the courtroom and the former Crowne Plaza will be divided into two building areas, with the Goethestraße running in between and will meet the future Kurfürstenanlage. First, the square will be built into the Justice Center, and there will be an L-shaped building with offices, apartments, restaurants, shops – and the public square, which is the case now. In principle, the area’s advisory boards have welcomed the open space, but they have a few questions about the project.

Vera Gleicher-Bailey of Bunte Linke was upset by the unused opportunities: “You had a great opportunity here to develop an open area connected to a swan pond – but that won’t happen, of course.” Because it also knows that the location of the buildings has already been specified in the 2008 development plan. This offers a bar along the Kurfürstenanlage. For the mission text, I warned against using building materials with neutral carbon dioxide2Balance sheet. The District Advisory Board would also like to mention shading and lighting options more clearly. In general, as little space as possible should be sealed in the future box. In addition, landscape architects should take into account the possibility of revealing the Landhausstrasse between Bahnhofstrasse and Kurfürstenanlage in their designs – motorized traffic should not drive there anyway. Particular attention should be paid to transfers to Bergheim and more trees with large crowns should be planned there if possible.

The latter can be difficult because an underground car park is being built under the plaza. So far, Deringer&Scheidel planned a basin in which a large tree could be planted. Otherwise, smaller plants can be planted. The Wish List was unanimously approved. Suggestions should now be taken into account in the final wording of the assignment – but this does not mean that they will be adopted on an individual basis. The original resolution proposed by the administration was finally adopted by one vote against and one abstention.

Landscape architects must submit their designs by the first week of April, the jury will meet on April 12, and Susan Nature (Greens) will attend an area advisory board meeting. The results of the multiple assignment will be discussed and coordinated in local political committees – first in the Weststadt District Advisory Board, then Diringer & Scheidel will task the winning office with additional planning for the field.