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Heavy weather in US – Dallas floods: Judge declares disaster – News

  • A disaster was declared after massive flooding in and around the US metropolis of Dallas.
  • As a result, victims can receive financial assistance from federal state and national civil defense system pools.
  • The city’s mayor said the rainfall was unprecedented in 24 hours.

Dallas County residents should report any damage, Judge Clay Jenkins said on Twitter.

Meteorologists have said that there will be heavy rain The “Dallas Morning News” newspaper wrote that it was a once-in-1000-year event..

Dallas police earlier released images of several flooded streets and urged motorists not to drive on such roads. Some cars were completely covered in water.


“Turn around, don’t drown,” warns Judge Jenkins.

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A woman was found dead in a car parked on a road bridge in the suburbs, the Dallas Morning News reported. Judge Jenkins urged people not to take any risks: “Turn around, don’t drown. A little water is enough to move your car.